drive 50 million engagements
to action each year

At parago, we partner with many of the largest brands in the world to provide exceptionally effective consumer promotions, incentives and rebate programs.

We started by transforming the consumer rebate experience in 1999 with industry-leading innovations that provide online, mobile, paperless and global rebate fulfillment options. Now, we offer a wide array of marketing services that leverage the smart consumer incentives and reward programs.

the result?

Our strategic insights and proven consumer promotions change shopper behavior. Here are some of the ways we can help you improve your bottom line:

  • incent repeat customers with targeted messaging at multiple touchpoints
  • build customer loyalty with our seamless, branded programs
  • capture customer data for future promotions and offers
  • minimize showrooming with dynamic price matching via rebate
  • afford the deeper discounts that shoppers prefer over instant discounts


more consumer rewards

We also offer a wide array of other smart consumer incentives to improve the performance of your stores, categories and brands. All are available for national and international fulfillment.

  1. prepaid cards
  2. gift cards
  3. codes and eCodes
  4. gift-with-purchase products
  5. unique experiences
  6. other payment options

Learn how to disrupt the omni-channel across 11 different retail categories and 16 specific product groups.

Want to change consumer behavior? Offer the incentives and rewards people really value: prepaid cards.